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We are the segue between tradition and a modern mindset, making use of our many years of experience. We capitalize on our values, which are rooted in our character as an owner-operated medium-sized company, and we build on innovative and practical concepts. We are not averse to blazing new and individual paths in alignment with our sense of social responsibility and dealing with our environment in a resource-friendly way.

Allow us to introduce… Matthias Meesenburg, the first Meesenburg in the success story that began in 1758 in Flensburg. Back then, it all began with trading in simple, but high-quality goods: roofing tiles, English mustard, nails, screws, and tools – like steel drills, mallets, and pocket knives. Every one of the meanwhile over 120,000 products is an integral part of Meesenburg. Because it represents quality and innovation.

About us:

1758 Paul Danielsen establishes the business in Flensburg, managing it from 1758 to 1788. He sells assorted merchandise. Paul Danielson sources hardware goods from the Bergisches Land region, and pipe tubing, mouthpieces, combs, needles, buttons, hooks and eyes, gloves and stockings, and twine and woolen yarn from around Nuremberg. He sources earthenware from England, porcelain from Copenhagen, and brass and copper objects from Russia. His main business is the sale of grains, foodstuffs, and spirit drinks to Norway.
1861 Fritz Danielsen takes over the business, managing it from 1838 to 1874. He loses the Norwegian and Danish island markets. He conducts his trade in the city of Flensburg and surrounds. Fritz Danielsen operates the production of oven paint, hair dye, ink, salves, and other tinctures. From 1874 until 1919, Fritz Danielsen’s business is operated by his former apprentice under the name of Kohlmann & Seeger … then Matthias Meesenburg takes over the renowned company.
1889 Matthias Meesenburg establishes his own, highly successful business for manufactured goods in 1889.
1943 Martin and Heinrich Meesenburg manage the business, with a hardware store and a household goods store, from 1936 to 1959. During the Second World War, the business is kept running under difficult conditions. Food is only available on food ration coupons. Trade in iron is subject to quotas. The cellar vault below the business premises on Nordermarkt market square is used as an air raid shelter. The war causes supply problems.
1948 Iven Meesenburg enters the company. In 1959, he takes over his father’s duties.
1980 The company moves into newly built premises in Westerallee street, Flensburg
1986 Martin Meesenburg enters the business run by his father, Iven Meesenburg.
1989 Martin Meesenburg takes over responsibility for the wholesale business, and this part of the operations is split off into the newly founded company M. Meesenburg Fachgroßhandel GmbH.
1996 Establishment of a subsidiary in Russia; its main office is initially in Nizhny Novgorod. Investment in building materials company Gütersloher Baubedarf GmbH & Co. KG, which is completely taken over a few years later.
1997 The retail store (including household goods) on Nordermarkt and the garden center are closed down. This becomes the site of the first security center (Meesenburg GmbH).
1998 Membership of the Purchasing Association of German Hardware Dealers (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH or E/D/E).
1999 Martin Meesenburg replaces Iven Meesenburg as the general partner.
2008 Takeover of V.O.D. in the Czech Republic.
2012 Meesenburg Service is established as an independent business area of Meesenburg GmbH. As of this time, company technicians are available to all of our customers for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electronic door and gate operating systems.
2013 Takeover of Adolf Schween GmbH, as well as Laarmann & Peez GmbH.
2016 The businesses located in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia become Meesenburg.
Meesenburg Management Team

May we introduce… Martin Meesenburg, with his managing directors and regional sales managers for business operations in Germany. Since its beginnings, the business has become far more comprehensive and noticeably more complex. This is also reflected in the organization necessary to operate it today. Although it has meanwhile grown into a group that is active worldwide, we have always retained our identity as an owner-operated family company. Our managerial staff and our employees consider themselves part of the big Meesenburg family, and each of them in their own way gives their best to ensure our success today and in the future, for the benefit of our customers and our partners – and thus also for the future of our company.